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Milliput - The epoxy with a thousand uses!! A 2 part self hardening, non shrinking epoxy putty. Highly adhesive to most materials, water and chemical resistant, sets underwater, electrically insulating. ...

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Moulds like putty - sets like rock.Available now in 5 different colours for a wide range of uses - - Standard (yellow-grey) - D.I.Y and household repairs, cars repairs, taxidermy, marine repairs, caravan repairs, architectural models and sculpting.- Silver/grey (silver-grey) - military modelling and sculpting- Superfine white (white) - repairs to white domestic equipment e.g. cookers and refrigerators, porcelain restoration, china doll repairs, modelling and sculpting.- Terracotta (terracotta) - garden urns, pots and statuettes. Damaged brickwork, quarry tiles- NEW Black -  restoration of porcelain and other ceramics, slate, marble, ebonised wood, cast iron, guttering, antique clocks, sculpting and modelling